Qualified electronic signature (QES) (English language)

Qualified electronic signature (QES) (English language)

Tłumaczenia What is a qualified electronic signature? Basically, it is a digital signature, made with a special device. The signature is unique, which is an additional advantage. What’s more it cannot be forged. Nowadays, we send or receive documents electronically, therefore a qualified signature is a good alternative to a traditional seal. This is much faster approach which allows a translator to save valuable time, paper or toner. Moreover, it is worth mentioning, this is a more practical and convenient option, as documents are handed over remotely. This means that you do not need to use the services of a courier company or post office, likewise it allows one to copy and transfer files without fear of them being expired. A qualified electronic signature has many advantages, to name a few:

  • compliance with the Profession of Sworn Translator and Interpreter Act of 25 November 2004 (Art. 18, sec. 1a),
  • the same legal force as in the case of a personal signature affixed to a document,
  • security and authenticity - an electronic signature must receive a special certificate issued by a qualified certification authority,
  • signature assigned to only one sworn translator,
  • immediate availability,
  • signature impossible to forge,
  • saving time and materials,
  • easier verification of amendments in documents signed electronically.

Being aware of the benefits this type of certification of translations, we should know which documents a qualified electronic signature can be affixed to. In fact, there is no major difference here compared to documents authenticated in the traditional way. This electronic signature may be used for the following documents:

  • formal contracts,
  • invoices,
  • notarial deeds,
  • insurance and banking documents,
  • official registry records/ vital records,
  • medical documentation,
  • documents submitted to public administration institutions,
  • and many others.

By choosing a translation certified with a qualified electronic signature, you place importance on rapidity, convenience and security. This way, we also take care of the environment, contributing to the improvement of the quality of our surroundings!