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LEX-TRADUCT Translation Agency

LEX-TRADUCT Translation Agency

Since its foundation in 2004, LEX-TRADUCT Translation Agency has been offering a wide range of translation and interpretation services to private customers, companies and public authorities such as the Police, offices, courts, public prosecutor’s office. We co-operate with a team of the best certified translators and interpreters specializing in legal, economic and technical translations. We utilize the support of experts of various fields, so that we can guarantee our services are of the highest quality. Our customers may be sure their orders will be completed on time, any materials provided are kept confidential, and translations may be accessed and delivered for an indefinite period of time.

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Get translation pricing

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How to order?

How to order?

Order a translation in the most convenient way. Bring original documents to our office, send them by post or fax them to 00 42 298 56 79 or email us at: tlumacz@lextraduct.pl.

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