Archiwa tagu: statement about child’s departure

Holiday trips abroad

Trips abroad during summer holidays are becoming more and more popular. Very often parents would like their children to go on a trip in custody of other adults. In order for such a trip to take place and for us not to be stopped by the airport crew who would allow us to board the plane, we will need a permission certified by a notary public, made by parents, concerning child’s departure and custody. What is also important, holding such a permission abroad will not be possible without it being previously translated and certified by a sworn translator.

You can easily request a translation of such a permission in our office, using a contact form at or phone number 667 051 070. You can also visit our office (Łódź,  ul. Siewna 15, room 302, an office building next to VERA SPORT) in person, between 9AM and 4PM. In order to make an appointment at a more convenient date, please phone us. A translation is ready the next day, but in urgent cases we are prepared to provide you with a sworn translation on the day of request.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.